Medical internship Program,

If you’re looking to get practical medical experience to add to your resume, this internship is ideal for you. It will help your application for medical school or a job stand out, and give you interesting points to talk about in interviews.

You’ll spend your day shadowing experienced doctors and nurses, learning all about their day-to-day work. This gives anyone with a strong interest in medicine a valuable insight into a developing country’s medical practices

You will also get an insight into the healthcare challenges people face every day. Many medical facilities in Tanzania lack resources. You’ll get to see how doctors cope when supplies run out and you’ll learn to diagnose and treat diseases you wouldn’t encounter in your home country.

This project runs all year round so you can organize a trip whenever it suits your schedule. You can join for as long as you like, with a minimum duration of twelve (12) weeks.

This is a chance for you to gain medical work experience, by learning from doctors and doing outreach work. Here are the different tasks you will do:
Observe professional doctors in a hospital or clinic
Spend time in several hospital departments
Learn about healthcare and gain practical skills during medical workshops
Participate in medical outreaches and practice taking health measures

Types of placements available for this internship

This internship is all about broadening your medical knowledge. So we’ve partnered with local hospitals to give you the opportunity to spend time in many different departments.

In all of our medical placements, these are some of the departments you can intern in:

Maternity, General medicine (women, children and men wards for general health issues), Pediatrics, Surgery, First-Aid department, Laboratory and research, Dental unit, Palliative care and Pharmacy department.

The number of different departments you can work in will depend on how long your internship is. We recommend spending at least one week in a department before moving to another department. If you’re interested in a specific department, feel free to contact us and we can help advise you.


1-4 Weeks 5-7 Weeks 8-10 Weeks 11-12 Weeks
$300 per week $280 per week $240 per Week $210 per week
1 person 1 person 1 person 1 person
Start Date: Anytime
Ages: 18 or over

GROUP DISCOUNT: 5 to 7 people traveling together everybody gets 5 % discount of the program fee. Above 7 people traveling together everybody gets 10% discount of the program fee.

Program Fee Includes:

In addition to program fee you need to pay your required visa, airline tickets(flights), vaccinations and medical insurance and private transport.

Apply today! THANK YOU.