CVS-Tanzania also provides international Professional & students Nursing and Midwives intern’s/Volunteers opportunities to work in their professional volunteer training and learning practicum.

Nurses and Midwifery Program,

Over 13 years of good cooperation with different (Government and private health facilities) Hospitals, Health care centres, communities and health stakeholders (health universities and colleges) that offers chances for Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Dentist, Gynaecologist, Paediatricians, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Midwives, Radiography, and Occupational therapy to do their internship in Tanzania, we have placements that fits your career.

We engage professionals and volunteer’s students on maternal and Child health care professional care and treatment for volunteer who work in Tanga region, Tanzania, this program is under GHIP as well.

The Nurses and Midwifery Volunteers/intern students will be stationed in various rural health facilities in Tanga region, Tanzania. The aim is to organize the health facilities management, health services delivery information, in the local government health facilities and ministry of health and social welfare staff. Nursing and Midwifery students or professionals will focus on the following themes:

Family planning and contraceptives
Ante natal and post Natal care
Midwifery/Child health assessment
Clinical services
Immunization/Vaccination programs
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights information for youth.